SEA Hachi-ko Exterior View
SEA Hachi-ko Storefront and Blade Signs
SEA Hachi-ko Grab-and-Go Wall with Sign
SEA Hachi-ko Plated Food (sushi tray)
SEA Hachi-ko PLated Food (poke bowl)
SEA Hachi-ko Plated Food (teriyaki chicken and rice with salad)
SEA Hachi-ko Plated Food (chicken bowl)
SEA Hachi-ko Plated Food (salmon, rice and california rolls)
SEA Hachi-ko Sushi Rolls
Sunday - Saturday 5 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Near Gate C10F

Faithful dog Hachi-ko is remembered in Japan for his remarkable loyalty. He would wait diligently for his owner’s return from work, which continued even years after his passing. Hachi-ko builds upon these beliefs as your “faithful gathering spot” at SEA International Airport.

Hachi-ko offers authentic Northwest-inspired Asian cuisine featuring freshly grilled teriyaki items, fresh high-quality sushi and poké, chicken adobo, yakisoba, fried rice, hot Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice breakfast, along with on-site prepared grab-to-go sandwiches and salad items – all prepared with the same devotion and care.