SEA Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen & Bar Exterior View
SEA Bambuza Exterior with Terminal View
SEA Bambuza Restaurant Interior with Seating View
SEA Bambuza Interior with Grab-and-Go
SEA Bambuza Menu Boards
SEA Bambuza Plated Food (bahn mi)
SEA Bambuza Plated Food (vermicelli noodles, pho, spring rolls)
SEA Bambuza Plated Food (pho bowl)
SEA Bambuza Plated Food (two drinks)
SEA Bambuza Plated Food (spring rolls with peanut sauce)
Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen & Bar
Sunday - Saturday 5 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Near Gate N19

Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen & Bar proudly offers cherished family recipes, with freshly prepared Vietnamese food supporting local farmers and producers. The inviting decor provides a casual sit-down dining experience featuring a full bar with specialty coffees, beer on tap, as well as the cuisine favorite Vietnamese coffee. For your convenience, Bambuza also offers plane-ready take-out options.