SEA Africa Lounge Exterior Straight-on View
SEA Africa Lounge Exterior View
SEA Africa Lounge Interior Bar
SEA Africa Lounge Interior Restaurant Seating
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (traditional african dish and plantains)
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (pita and hummus)
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (wings, fries and beer)
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (breakfast sandwich, potatoes and coffee with milk)
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (pancakes and orange juice)
SEA Africa Lounge Plated Food (fish burger, french fries and beer)
Africa Lounge
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Thursday, Friday & Sunday 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Near Gate A4

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Celebrating African and American cuisine, the restaurant features savory Spicy Beef Sambusas, African inspired cocktails, and wines from South African Regions. A full bar offers local draft beer including Mac & Jack’s African Amber and other local favorite selections. Appetizers include super nachos, chicken wings, and hummus and pita. Dessert choices include cheesecake and ice cream.

Africa Lounge is exotically decorated with an African motif, furnished with leopard prints, hand-painted murals, and a custom-crafted elephant head. The restaurant also has surround-sound music and four televisions for viewing sports and the latest news.